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Leadership is my passion.


Our world needs great leadership like never before. Leaders who lead in the right way, who inspire, engage and enable others, who build a better tomorrow everywhere - in organisations but also in the family, schools, communities, voluntary endeavours, government and society.


Never has the need been greater.


Over the past twenty years I have been privileged to work with thousands of leaders, doing all I can to unlock their potential and to inspire and equip them to do so with others.


I ran leadership programmes based on my 2014 book ‘Lead Like Mary’, run a programme for young leaders, chair a charity developing tomorrow’s conservation leaders in the UK and Africa, and led a project creating a vibrant rural community


As I enter the autumn of my professional career I have significantly reduced my number of client engagements. My focus going forward is to make what small contribution I can, to inspiring and enabling the next generation of leaders - providing them with the knowledge, skills, desire and tools to share and teach the principles and practices of great leadership to others.


I am developing Lead!, the next phase of my leadership thinking, building on the principles explored in Lead Like Mary, including a new book, a free of charge and widely available resource base of material,  a Community where like-minded leaders can interact and share experiences, 1-1 coaching opportunities, programmes and podcasts.


During the Covid-19 lock down, I am running an on-line leadership programme with over 100 participants.



Listen to the Lead! launch podcast!


Find out more about Lead! and my other work as a charity leader, author and broadcaster, via the menu.


Barry Dore 

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'Barry is unique in his ability to combine a deep understanding of leadership with an

approach devoid of egotism'


Stephanie Hilborne OBE

Formerly Chief Executive

The Wildlife Trusts

Barry Dore