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‘Building a Community’

by Barry Dore


























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Building a Community




Q&A with Barry Dore



Why did you write ‘Building A Community'?


Initially simply to capture the story of the eight year long project to build our new village hall.  It was too good a story, full of challenges, pitfalls, heartache and laughter, to be lost.  I saw it as something limited to local interest.


How did your thinking develop along the way?


Very early on in writing the book I realized it was not a book about building a village hall at all, it was about building a vibrant and sustainable rural community.  The project had been the catalyst which ignited our community.  It was only then that I realized the connection to my professional work on leadership, how we had been ultimately successful by focusing on timeless and proven leadership principles around clarity of goals, right people, building relationships and trust.



Why is the concept of community so important to you?


Small rural villages face so many threats.  There are real issues of lack of transport links, rural isolation, young people leaving, inadequate internet provision.  Developing a vibrant rural community can address those issues, and ensure these villages not only survive but thrive.


Who is the book aimed at?


I think three distinct audiences.  Firstly people within our community who were part of the journey.  Secondly I hope it will inspire other communities facing the challenges of rural isolation, limited services and declining engagement.  Finally a wider leadership audience.  Part of the book focuses on the leadership principles we adhered to, and demonstrates that effective leadership is needed everywhere, not just in companies, but also in any community activity.


How does it link to your previous book, ‘Lead Like Mary’?


Quite simply because both books are about leadership, and authentic leadership in particular.  I was delighted by the positive response to ‘Lead Like Mary’, in particular the leadership principles it examined.  These same proven and timeless principles are at the heart of ‘Building A Community.’



Tell us about you


Jakkie and I have lived in Fradswell for over twenty years.   It’s a beautiful, idyllic village, and was a wonderful place to bring up our children.  It’s a warm, friendly, supportive, thriving community and I’m so proud to have played my small part in building and sustaining it.


I’m passionate about the importance of effective leadership, and how it can transform not just organisations but any part of society. I teach, study and write about leadership in my professional life, have established a foundation to support and inspire young leaders and chair an international conservation leadership charity.


Alongside my professional work I dabble in fiction writing and present two shows on local radio.






"Barry, I've just finished the book.


Made me cry"