'Barry is unique in his ability to combine a deep understanding of leadership with an approach devoid of egotism'


Stephanie Hilborne OBE

Chief Executive

The Wildlife Trusts




'Lead Like Mary will inspire a whole new generation of leaders'


Matt Hyde

Chief Executive

The Scout Association




'Lead Like Mary is full of wisdom and easy to grasp'


Andrew Higginson


Morrisons Plc 


Endorsements for Barry's first leadership book 'Lead Like Mary', published 2014:

Current Assignments


I have significantly cut down the amount of work I do with clients in order to focus more time on voluntary activities, writing and broadcasting. I am however, still engaged in fascinating assignments with a number of clients.


These currently include:


- Working with the Chief Executive and senior team of a large community leisure and culture charity in the north west, supporting them in building a great place to work for their people.  


- Running an extensive leadership programme for a major UK environmental charity, which has been attended by over 250 participants


- Coaching support to the Chief Executive of a large UK social charity, and also working with her to develop her people


- Coaching support to a Director of a large youth charity


- Running a ‘Lead Like Mary’ leadership programme for the entire management population of the UK’s biggest youth organisation


- Coaching and leadership development support to the Chief Executive and leadership team of a conservation charity