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Lead! Community


Welcome to the Lead! Community.  As the name suggests this is a community of like-minded people I have had the privilege to meet and often to work with over the years.


They come from all walks of life and fulfill a wide variety of leadership roles, from the Chair of one of the UKs biggest companies, to an Olympic Gold Medalist, company and charity CEOs, charity founders, teachers, people in the NHS and many involved in voluntary endeavors from a community enterprise to scout groups.


What they all have in common is they are authentic leaders who believe in and strive to role model Mary’s traits.  They also embody the spirit of Lead!- every day they focus on making a difference and building a better tomorrow.


The Community encourages and enables them to share experiences, learn from each other, discuss any aspect of leadership, and build alliances.


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The Community has three facilitators.  Their role is to encourage and moderate debate, prompt discussions and create connections.  Let me introduce them:












The leadership trait I most admire in Jo is her proactivity.  One example - after attending a Lead Like Mary programme (when I first met Jo), on her return to work she quickly established an alumni group of past attendees to keep the material live.


I have asked Jo to chair this Community. Jo lives in London.

I have known her for around ten years, first working with her when she was a student officer at the University of Sheffield SU.


The leadership traits I most admire about Rachel are her passion and enthusiasm.  Whatever it is- her work, her dancing or her support when I was writing Lead Like Mary, she throws herself in and always gives 150%.  She’s one of those people who lights up a room as she enters it. Rachel lives in Bristol.

Ben Powlesland is a Growth and Development Manager at UK Scouts, where he also leads a major project to bring scouting to hard to reach communities.


The leadership trait I most admire about Ben is his authenticity. He comes across as one of the most genuine people I have ever met.


Ben’s also your first port of call for any DIY advice!  He lives in Cornwall.

Jo Stewart - CoppaFeel charity Rachel Colley University of West of England Students Union Ben Powlesland Growth & Development Manager UK Scouts

Jo Stewart is the Fundraising Director of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! and former head of corporate partnerships at UK Scouts.  

Rachel Colley runs the community engagement team at the University of the West of England Students’ Union.