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Lead Like Mary

‘This book will inspire a whole

new generation

of leaders’


Matt Hyde

Chief Executive

The Scouts Association



‘Lead Like Mary is full of wisdom

and easy to grasp’


Andrew Higginson


Morrisons plc




Over the last forty years, during which time I have worked for a small charity, for a giant corporation, and for the last twenty years or so running my own business, I have had the opportunity to study first hand, many leaders and experience many leadership styles.  I've worked for and with, leaders who have inspired me, some who are mediocre, some who have driven me to despair and one or two who have frankly terrified me!


From these countless experiences I have learned that although leaders come in all shapes and sizes and lead in many different styles, there are certain consistent traits which I've observed in the most effective of leaders.


Meet Mary, a fictional character that I've developed in order to share and demonstrate these traits. 


'Marys' exist at all levels in organisations - this is not just about those in the most senior roles.  'Marys' also exist in the world outside work, in families, within communities.  What unites the 'Marys' I meet, is they are authentic, they gain the right and ability to lead, not from the position they hold but because of who they are.


In ‘Lead Like Mary’, first published in 2014, I explore this authenticity and the ten traits Mary strives every day to demonstrate - those which make Mary an effective leader.  I explore some of the principles that lie behind each trait, providing signposts to further reading from a variety of sources.  I also try to give you the opportunity for self reflection.


As I work with a new generation of leaders emerging everywhere, in all kinds of organisations, large and small, across all sectors, I increasingly come across leaders who strive to lead like Mary.  They are part of a more principled, more authentic, less self-serving leadership evolution.





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Lead Like Mary
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