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Now, as I enter the final phase of my professional career it is time to step back and focus on inspiring and enabling others to share with and teach others.


This can take a variety of forms:


- role modelling authentic leadership every day


- sharing the concepts and principles with friends and colleagues


- formally or informally teaching others


- becoming an accredited trainer of the material



Whatever way you choose to do it, my role is to support and equip you. To enable that, I will build on this page a variety of free of charge support material- podcasts, workshops, models and exercises


I will also create a Train the Trainer programme for those who wish to become accredited to deliver Lead! and Lead Like Mary programmes


How to use the Resource


How you choose to use the content of the Resource is entirely up to you.


Here are some thoughts and suggestions:


-To build your own confidence and skills as you continue your leadership journey.  Lead! builds on the principles and practices explored in Lead Like Mary.  It focuses on the development of leaders who are authentic, effective and brave.  In developing as a leader we should ensure we schedule sufficient time to learn, reflect and grow.


-To role model those principles and practices with others, at work, in your personal life and in your voluntary endeavors.  To be the change you wish to see.


-To share those principles and practices with those around you inside and outside work.  To support others, both formally and informally, to grow and develop as leaders.


-To more formally teach the principles and practices.  This could be in any ways you choose- in team meetings, 1-1s, through coaching and mentoring, by facilitating training workshops



I am here to support you as you use the Resource.  Let me know what you need and how I can help - please feel free to CONTACT ME anytime


Over the past twenty years or so, I have done all I can to teach and share the concept and principles of authentic leadership


This has included engagement with dozens of clients, numerous 1-1 support opportunities, a five year programme for young leaders and Lead Like Mary programmes

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