'Barry is unique in his ability to combine a deep understanding of leadership with an approach devoid of egotism'


Stephanie Hilborne OBE

Chief Executive

The Wildlife Trusts




'Lead Like Mary will inspire a whole new generation of leaders'


Matt Hyde

Chief Executive

The Scout Association




'Lead Like Mary is full of wisdom and easy to grasp'


Andrew Higginson


Morrisons Plc 


Endorsements for Barry's first leadership book 'Lead Like Mary', published 2014:

The Osprey Leadership Foundation

        ...inspiring and enabling tomorrows conservation leaders.

The Osprey Leadership Foundation is a charity established in 2017 by entrepreneurial conservationist Tim Mackrill



I am proud to have been asked by Tim to be the first chair of the charity


Tomorrow's conservation leaders...

The Osprey Leadership Foundation works with young people from different cultures and contrasting backgrounds to inspire them about the natural world and help them to develop into conservation leaders who can make an impact at an international level.



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