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Parkinson's - a personal story




Back in 2015 I was diagnosed

with the early stages of

Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

It did not come as any

great surprise, Jakkie and I

had been aware of my slower,

shuffling walk and

occasional shakes for a while.




Nevertheless it was still concerning, PD is a degenerative condition which can impact quality of life. But I also understood I had a choice. There’s a great quote...


‘If a person does not master their circumstances then they are bound to be mastered by them.’


I could become a victim, or do all I could to slow progression of the disease. It was not a hard decision to make.


With Jakkie's support and energy (I think this would be far harder on your own) there was only one option. Research provides compelling and clear evidence, that with a single minded focus on exercise, health, diet, stress reduction, work life balance and mental attitude, deterioration can be significantly delayed and controlled.


Since the diagnosis I have lost two and a half stones, radically changed my approach to exercise, with gym work, yoga and walking. I’ve  changed a lifetime of eating habits, and have significantly reduced my client work and travelling, with a resultant reduction in stress levels. I am also working hard every day on focussing on a positive mental attitude


In my experience so far, this is showing signs of working. I certainly feel fitter, healthier and more balanced than I have for years. I'm realistic about the future but know that the more you take control, the more chance you have of shaping that future.  I have occasional bad days - we all do, but the direction of travel is positive.


I’m also humbled that my daughter Charlotte has chosen to focus her neuroscience career on studying PD.


If anyone is facing similar challenges and wants to chat, I'd be happy to do so



barry dore