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Stories & News

Lead! is about your call to action.  It’s about imploring you to be a leader, be a role model and be brave.


On this page I will share your stories of sharing with and teaching others, of your big and small actions that make a difference, of building a better tomorrow.


It’s also a place to share leadership articles, material, models etc. that we come across.  Send them to me and I’ll post them.





Prize draw to celebrate launch day


On 3 February, to celebrate Lead! launch day, there was a prize draw amongst the Lead! Community


Congratulations to Caroline Martin, Jan Griffin and Liz Ormerod, who each one a copy of one of my favourite leadership books!


Find out more about the Lead! Community here




Mary in the rain forest


Ruth Potts is based in Malaysia, working for the World Scouts Organisation.  On a recent away day in the rain forest no less, Ruth ran a facilitated session introducing her team to Lead Like Mary and Mary’s traits.




Mary day in Fradswell


Closer to home it was great to welcome Scouts Growth and Development Manager Ben Powlesland and his team to Fradswell for a Lead Like Mary workshop.


During the day we explored leadership principles, inside-out leadership, time management and productive relationships.


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