'Barry is unique in his ability to combine a deep understanding of leadership with an approach devoid of egotism'


Stephanie Hilborne OBE

Chief Executive

The Wildlife Trusts




'Lead Like Mary will inspire a whole new generation of leaders'


Matt Hyde

Chief Executive

The Scout Association




'Lead Like Mary is full of wisdom and easy to grasp'


Andrew Higginson


Morrisons Plc 


Endorsements for Barry's first leadership book 'Lead Like Mary', published 2014:

The Lobster Pot Cafe

I love writing. I used to regard myself as uncreative and was frustrated that I could not draw or play a musical instrument.  Then I realised there are so many other ways to be creative, including writing.


I enjoyed the discipline and experience of writing Lead Like Mary, and was really proud when it was published, but I have always wanted to write fiction


The Lobster Pot Cafe is my first novel,  and is scheduled for pitching to publishers soon!


It s a heartwarming and humorous tale of life, love and adventure in a seaside village. A Year in Provence meets Heartbeat.


Stephen Blanchard, a recently divorced high flying business executive, decides to quit the rat race to fulfil his dream of writing a novel. He chooses to move to a Welsh seaside village, based on distant childhood memories, and rents an old coastguard's lookout from local artist Rachel Saunders.

Based in and around a restaurant in the village, we follow Stephen’s year as he settles into his new community and develops his relationship with Rachel. The local characters, tales of smuggling and strange noises in the night, provide mystery, adventure and inspiration for his book.

A gentle, feel good story.